Arkansas College Teachers of Economics & Business

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The Common Law of ACTEB






(Adopted at the annual meeting of the Arkansas College Teachers of Economics and Business, December 7, 1968.
1. Arkansas College Teachers of Economics and Business (ACTEB) is an association of staff members in economics, business education at institutions of higher education in Arkansas.

The annual meeting of ACTEB shall be held in a location selected by officers of the association. The accessibility of the location by faculty throughout the state shall be considered in selecting the location. The meeting shall consist of a morning session, a luncheon, and an afternoon session. The afternoon session concludes with a business meeting and the election of officers.

3. Officers consist of a president, a vice president, a secretary-treasurer, a chairperson, and two members of an executive committee.

The president presides at the annual meeting. The vice president serves in the absence of the president. The secretary-treasurer carries on the usual functions of such an officer. The executive committee is responsible for planning the program and making physical arrangements for the annual meeting.

5. All officers are elected. The president appoints a nominating committee, which presents a slate of nominees at the annual business meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor. No officer except the secretary-treasurer is nominated to succeed himself.
6. It is customary to nominate the current chairperson of the executive committee as president for the coming year. As far as possible, the various officers represent a reasonable balance between public and private schools. Although there are not enough officers to enable each school to be represented each year, there should be a fair representation of all schools over a period of years.
7. There are no dues, but the secretary-treasurer may add a nominal sum to the price of the luncheon tickets to take care of the postage and other incidentals.

NOTE: It is understood that any or all of the above procedures may be changed by a majority vote of members in meeting assembled.

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